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There’s a new alternative to costly, unreliable incandescent lights and flat, unappealing CFLs. LED Lighting is a better way to illuminate your home or business and Lighthouse Electrical Services can transform your home or workplace with reliable, beautiful LED systems.

Unlike traditional incandescent lights and CFLs, LED lights last for years of reliable regular use. And LEDs use only a fraction of the electricity incandescent bulbs consume, saving both energy and money. Lighthouse Electrical’s high-quality LED systems deliver bright, clear, natural-looking light that makes your home or business look great—without the excessive heat of incandescent bulbs or the bland, pale look of fluorescent lights or CFLs. Our well designed and expertly installed LED systems complement your décor, showing your home off at its best without the need to replace bulbs every few weeks or months.

various led lighting solutions

Today’s LED lighting systems are practical, efficient, and a lot more affordable than many people think. In fact, our expert lighting consultants can calculate how soon your investment will pay for itself in utility bill savings. We offer LED systems for both indoor and outdoor applications, and we can help you develop a customized LED lighting solution that’s just right for your unique needs.

Want to see how a professionally designed and installed LED lighting system can transform the look of your home or business? Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

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